The Oklahoma City Thunder: From Seattle Supersonics

The Oklahoma City Thunder: From Seattle Supersonics

The Oklahoma City Thunder are one of the most successful small market NBA franchises in recent history. After becoming the expansion team of the Seattle Supersonics, the team has surged to the top of the standings with a young and talented mix of players. This is their story.

The Seattle Supersonics

The Oklahoma City Thunder were originally established as the Seattle Supersonics in 1967 as part of the NBA's expansion efforts. The team quickly gained popularity in Seattle, making the playoffs in five of their first six seasons and reaching the NBA Finals in 1978. In 1979, the Supersonics won their first and only NBA title, after defeating the Washington Bullets in five games.

Despite their early success, the Supersonics struggled in the 1990s, missing the playoffs for five straight seasons. After making two consecutive post season appearances in 1996 and 1997, the team failed to make the playoffs in 11 of their next 12 seasons.

The Relocation

By the mid 2000s, the trend of small-market teams struggling to compete in the NBA had become a major issue. The lack of success in Seattle forced the team to look for alternatives, which eventually led to their decision to relocate to Oklahoma City.

In 2008, the Supersonics were sold to Oklahoma City businessman Clay Bennett and given permission to move to Oklahoma City. The team was then re branded as the Oklahoma City Thunder, and the relocation was completed in time for the start of the 2008-09 season.

The Turnaround

The move to Oklahoma City immediately paid off for the Thunder, as the team finished the season with a 23-59 record, the best in the Eastern Conference. This marked the start of a dramatic turnaround for the Thunder, as the team made the playoffs in three of the next four seasons.

In 2010, the Thunder drafted forward Kevin Durant, who would become the centerpiece of the team’s resurgence. Durant was named the league MVP in 2014, after leading the Thunder to a conference best 59-23 record and its first-ever appearance in the NBA Finals.

Durant departed in 2016, but the Thunder have remained competitive in his absence. The team has made the playoffs in six of the last seven seasons, including a trip to the Western Conference Finals in 2018.

The Future

The Oklahoma City Thunder have established themselves as one of the NBA's elite teams in recent years, despite their small market status. With a strong core of players led by All Stars Chris Paul and Shai Gilgeous Alexander, the Thunder are poised to remain championship contenders for years to come.

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