Kimxi: The Endless Reign of Kim Chiu & Xian Lim's Love Team

Kimxi: The Endless Reign of Kim Chiu & Xian Lim's Love Team

Love has been around for centuries, but it wont be long before we witness something truly remarkable – the power of KimXi. Kim Chiu and Xian Lim have been in a long standing love team, and have been blessed with the love and admiration of the Filipino nation for a long time now – encompassing more than a decade and still continuing to swoon hearts worldwide.


Kim Chiu and Xian Lim first worked together in 2009 in ABS-CBN's primetime TV series entitled "My Girl". It was a series which told the story of a young girl who was determined to find the truth behind her mother's disappearance. Starring as the two main leads were Kim Chiu as Jane Buenavista and Xian Lim as Nathaniel Buenavista. Although they had not initially well-acquainted with each other, their undeniable on-screen chemistry made KimXi an overnight sensation.

Marking the beginning of a tidal wave of admiration, Xian and Kim's undeniable on-screen chemistry was a testament to the blossoming relationship which would soon come to be known as KimXi. In the years which followed, their relationship was solidified as both Kim and Xian frequently appeared together in movies, TV shows, and concerts; forming a powerhouse love team electrifying fans from all parts of the Philippines.


It can be argued that the impeccable chemistry between Xian and Kim was closely likened to the love story of a fairy tale. People from all ages could relate to the strong bond between Kim and Xian, as it encapsulated the spirit of love and understanding. KimXi's story was one which became the go-to inspiration for young lovers, as it reflected how relationships could become stronger with faith and patience.

The two were also some of the most sought-after leading stars in various series, movies, and concerts. In 2012, they starred in the romantic comedy series entitled "My Binondo Girl". They also made a cameo in the 2016 box office hit MMFF film entitled 'The Super Parental Guardians',. Moreover, Xian and Kim were part of the 72nd Anniversary of Philippine Independence Parade held in Luneta Park. Their appearance alone was enough to get the crowd's attention, and their chemistry was ultimately revealed when they danced together while holding the Philippine flag during the parade.

With Kim and Xian's level of closeness, fans began to speculate and asked the questions: "Are they together, or are they just good friends?". To this day, both Kim and Xian have declined to comment and preferred to keep their relationship as open-ended, yet many of their fans are still patiently waiting to witness KimXi's grand wedding.


There is no denying that KimXi has become a powerful symbol of love and loyalty in the Philippines. Their bond and relationship have set the standards for relationships in Philippine popular culture. As a couple, Kim and Xian exemplified the values of loyalty and understanding in every project which they have been part of.

Despite the long standing love team, KimXi was not just a hit in terms of romantic relationships, but was also a hit in terms of business. Over the years, their fans have tirelessly bought their products - from album CDs to movie ticket sales. But beyond this, KimXi also inspired fans to stay passionate about the things which truly matter most, and to strive for their dreams despite the odds.


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