Kill Bokeon: In Depth Look Into the Filipino Crime Thriller

Kill Bokeon: In Depth Look Into the Filipino Crime Thriller

Filipinos have always been captivated by crime thrillers, and there is no exception with the Filipino crime thriller film, Kill Boksoon. This movie, which stars the award winning actor, Gerald Anderson, tells the story of a coffee worker from a small town in the Philippines who turns to a life of crime in order to give his family a better way of living. Kill Bokeon is a riveting film, as it reveals the dark parts of Filipino culture and its dangers. This article will take an in depth look at the crime thriller film and its appeal to Filipino moviegoers.

The Plot

Kill Boksoon follows the life of Boksoon, a coffee plantation worker from a small town in the Philippines. He is content with his simple existence, but when the coffee plantation shuts down, Boksoon is left without a job and unable to support his family. Desperate to provide for his family, Boksoon turns to a life of crime and quickly finds himself immersed in the dangerous underworld of the Philippines. He is soon targeted by a powerful crime syndicate and must do whatever it takes to protect his family and his life.

Kill Boksoon's captivating storyline will keep viewers on the edge of their seat throughout the entire film. The movie is packed with action, drama, and suspense that are sure to keep viewers hooked until the very end. From start to finish, the movie provides a fascinating glimpse into the Filipino underworld and explores the moral and ethical dilemmas of crime.

The cast

Gerald Anderson stars as Boksoon in the movie, and his performance is nothing short of impressive. Anderson portrays the character in a very convincing and believable way, and viewers can easily get caught up in Boksoon's life.

Also appearing in the movie are actress Chelsealyn DelaCruz and actor Arron Villaflor, who both offer standout performances. DelaCruz portrays Boksoon's loyal and strong-willed cousin, while Villaflor plays a mysterious and dangerous gangster who is determined to take down Boksoon. With its talented cast, Kill Boksoon is sure to produce some great performances.

The Reception

Kill Boksoon has been well-received by Filipino viewers and critics alike. The movie currently has an 8.7/10 rating on IMDb and has won numerous awards, including the Special Jury Award for Best Actor for Anderson at the Cinema One Originals 2018. The movie also won Best Picture at the Cinemalaya2017 and has been lauded for its gripping storyline and excellent performances by its cast.

The Impact

Kill Boksoon is an eye opening movie that sheds light on some of the darker aspects of Filipino society. The movie's themes of morality and crime are relevant, as the country is no stranger to violence and criminality. The movie offers a thought-provoking look into the Filipino criminal underworld and emphasizes the consequences of straying from the right path.

Where to watch

Interested viewers can watch Kill Boksoon on streaming platforms like YouTube Premium, Viu, and Amazon Prime Video. Watching the movie is a great way to Watching the movie is a great way to support Filipino cinema and get a firsthand look at the Filipino underworld.

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