How to Play the Unique and Engaging Malice Game & Win

How to Play the Unique and Engaging Malice Game & Win

The game of Malice is quickly becoming one of the most popular games available at s888 Online Casino. This game has captivated players with its unique and engaging game play and its potential to earn big prizes. If you re looking to have an exciting and potentially profitable time while playing at s888 Online Casino, then Malice is definitely the game for you. Read on as we break down how to play the game, its unique features, as well as tips and tricks for winning big.

What Is Malice?

Malice is a card game that is easy to learn and play. The game is played between four players in which each player is dealt seven cards. The goal of the game is to take all the points from your opponents. To do this, a player must be able to collect points from either cards or rounds. Points are collected either by winning a card or by winning the entire round.

How to Play Malice

Before the game starts, all the players should decide on the number of points they wish to play for. After this, all the players are dealt seven cards each. The remaining cards are placed in the middle of the table as the draw pile.

Once all the players have their cards, they take turns playing. During their turn, a player can choose to draw a card from the draw pile, pass their turn, or challenge an opponent’s card. It is important to note that a player can only challenge the cards of their opponents, not the cards that they have themselves.

When a player challenges an opponent’s card, the challenged player must either pass or match the card that was initially played. If the challenged player passes, the challenging player wins the round. But if the challenged player matches the card that was initially played, a battle ensues and the player with the higher card wins the round.

The player who wins the round collects all the points from the cards in play. At the end of the game, all the points are totaled up and the player with the highest total wins the game.

Unique Features of Malice

Malice is unique in that it is a progressive game, meaning that players can collect more points during each round. In Malice, a player can collect points from more than one card, creating the potential to earn more points as the game progresses. This also helps to make the game more challenging as players will have to be more strategic with their card plays in order to win.

The game also features special joker cards that can be used to add an extra element of luck and excitement to the game. These joker cards are wildcards that can be used to substitute any other card, making them a powerful tool to have in your hand.

Tips and Tricks for Winning

Malice is a game of strategy and knowing when to challenge, as well as when to pass on a challenge is key. When it comes to challenging, it is important to remember that a player cannot challenge the cards that they themselves are holding.

Another important tip for winning is to pay attention to the cards that your opponents are collecting. By doing this, you can better determine which cards they may be challenging you with and you can better decide if you should pass or match their cards.

Finally, it is important to remember the joker cards. These cards can be really powerful tools and it is important to familiarize yourself with how they can be used in the game.

Playing the game of Malice can be a unique and exciting experience, and with the potential to win big prizes at s888 Online Casino, it can be a lucrative one as well. Make sure you read up on the rules and tips for playing the game, and you’ll be ready to start playing and winning at Malice in no time!