Devil May Cry 2: Look at Capcom’s 2003 Action Platformer

Devil May Cry 2: Look at Capcom’s 2003 Action Platformer

Devil May Cry 2 released back in 2003 as a PlayStation 2 exclusive and quickly became one of the top action games of the year. Developed and published by Capcom, the game was a sequel to the 2001 cult classic Devil May Cry. In this retrospective piece we take a look back at the game; its origins, legacy, and the impact it has on modern action titles today.

The Origin of Devil May Cry 2

The original Devil May Cry was released back in 2001 and was the very first installment in the much-beloved series. However, the original game wasn’t planned out to be part of a series – instead it was originally conceived to be Resident Evil 4. During development, the team decided to switch things up and started working on a new concept, which we now know as Devil May Cry.

Following the success of the original game, Capcom started development on its sequel: Devil May Cry 2. This installment was released back in 2003 and featured the same core gameplay as the first game. Players take control of Dante, a demon hunting mercenary, and fight their way through various levels battling a host of demonic foes.

Devil May Cry 2 was a commercial and critical success. It was praised for its graphics, gameplay, and the new innovative combo system. However, opinions on the game were mixed – some liked it for its originality, while others criticized it for its lack of explanation on the original game’s plot points.

The Legacy of Devil May Cry 2

Despite the mixed reactions to Devil May Cry 2, the game spawned a series of sequels and spinoffs, as well as influencing many developers and future action games. The game introduced new and innovative combo systems, as well as an over-the-top style of combat – something that many other action-oriented titles adopted in later years.

Devil May Cry 2 also featured some of the best boss fights ever seen in a game. The bosses were a mix of traditional action movie villains and demons, with memorable designs and challenging gameplay.

The success of the game inspired the development of its sequels. Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening released in 2005, as well as spin-offs like Devil May Cry 4 in 2008. These titles built upon the foundation set by the original and added onto it, with highly acclaimed games across the board.

Impact on Modern Action Titles

The success of Devil May Cry 2 has had a lasting impact on modern action games. The intense boss fights and unique combo systems are seen in many games today. From the original series to modern titles like Bayonetta, God of War, and Nier Automata – these games have been heavily inspired by the Devil May Cry series.

The fast-paced, over-the-top action of the series is something that has been seen in many games since its release. Many developers have tried to emulate the same style of combat and gameplay, and it’s safe to say that Devil May Cry 2 set the standard for the action genre.

The legacy of Devil May Cry 2 continues to live on. Whether it’s through its influence on modern action games or its many sequels, the series has become one of the most iconic franchises in gaming.

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