Call of the King and Experience the Epic Adventure

Call of the King and Experience the Epic Adventure

Video games have a way of captivating us with their stories and gameplay, drawing us into worlds far from our own. Haven: Call of the King is no exception. Developed by The Collective and published by Midway Games, this action-adventure title puts players in the shoes of Haven, a mysterious figure who must traverse across dangerous lands, solve puzzles, and battle foes. As Haven, gamers need to unravel the secrets that surround their journey and ultimately save the world from a powerful yet unknown force.

A Brief Look at the Story of Haven: Call of the King

Haven, who is the protagonist, arrives at the world of Orb, an odd, fantastical land teeming with strange creatures, hostile, living machines, and a powerful, mysterious force that's wreaking havoc and darkness. Players, as Haven, take action by exploring across Orb and progressively uncover the truth behind the malevolent force that's consuming Orbs inhabitants. On this journey, Haven will encounter various obstacles and challenges along the way and must rely on their wit and fighting abilities in order to progress.

Discover the Fantasy of Haven

Haven: Call of the King's graphics are quite impressive. The diverse range of locations and creatures found in this game give the impression of stepping foot into a new, unique world. Haven's look is equally impressive, and the weapons and items Haven gathers throughout the game provide a nice amount of detail and variety.

Gameplay and Controls

Haven: Call of the King's gameplay consists of an array of different missions and levels. Players will traverse across Orb in order to find out what's causing the evil and eventually rid the world of the sinister force. As the game progresses, new weapons and items become available, which will allow Haven to access new areas and items. Haven also has several helpful and unique abilities, like being able to double jump and using a teleport gate. The game's controls are fairly easy to grasp, with Haven having the ability to perform basic attacks, use items and special abilities, and of course, explore the world.

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From its captivating story to its impressive gameplay, Haven: Call of The King is the perfect title for players who love to be taken on an adventure. Dare to go where no one has gone before and be part of Haven's epic journey with S888 online casino game today!