Bitcoin Gambling FAQ in S8888 Casino

Bitcoin Gambling FAQ in S8888 Casino

Bitcoin games and casinos were virtually non-existent while cryptocurrency overall was mostly some vague term used by few Today The amount you can deposit and/or withdraw depends on the Bitcoin casino you are playing at. Check with the casino itself. Typically, you should be able to deposit/withdraw less than one full Bitcoin.

Do casinos accept Bitcoin?

Online casinos around the world typically do accept Bitcoin, but there are still those that don’t. Whether a casino is going to accept Bitcoin and encourage Bitcoin gambling depends solely on the casino itself together with the general laws and regulations of the country that online casino is registered at.

Is paying with Bitcoin safe? Is Bitcoin gambling legal?

Due to its blockchain structure, Bitcoin is considered one of the safest currencies presently available on the market.
Bitcoin gambling is considered neither legal nor illegal. However, recent years have seen a lot of talks on a global level to officially regulate this currency.

Can I also withdraw my winnings in Bitcoin? Why do gambling sites use Bitcoin?

You can withdraw your winnings in Bitcoin only if a casino you are/were gambling at is a Bitcoin casino. If your goal is to withdraw winnings in Bitcoin, make sure you read the casino’s terms, conditions, and policies on Bitcoin gambling, deposits, and withdrawals before playing.
Bitcoin is actively increasing in popularity which is why gambling platforms of various types are including Bitcoin gambling in their offer. This is an example of supply-and-demand occurrence we see on an everyday basis in virtually all aspects of the trade, gambling included.

How do you gamble with Bitcoin? Are there any fees for depositing in Bitcoins?

Bitcoin gambling, just like fiat currency gambling, comes attached to a few steps the players should follow. If you want to learn how to deposit Bitcoins, i.e. gamble with Bitcoin, please refer to the How to Use Bitcoin for Making Online Casino Deposits section of this blog for more information.
Bitcoin depositing fees are usually very small and depend on the amount gambled. Before playing, please check with the casino what fees they include in the transactions.

Which games can I play with Bitcoin? Will I be playing in Bitcoins or will they be converted?

You can play any Bitcoin games specified by the casino you are playing at. In terms of their placement, some of the most popular Bitcoin games you can tackle are video games, classic slots, roulette, blackjack, and video poker.
Some popular titles in 2020 are Satoshi's Secret, Book of Dead slot, Lara Croft: Temples and Tombs, Battle Royal, Space Wars, Casino Hold'em, and many others.
Please note that not all casinos feature the same types of Bitcoin games.
That depends on the casino. Hybrid casinos tend to convert Bitcoin to a fiat currency, although they should highlight this segment in their Terms and Conditions. Bitcoin casinos operate in Bitcoin only.

Does Bitcoin exchange rate fluctuate a lot? Which e-wallet is the best?

The bitcoin exchange rate does fluctuate a lot which is why you should always check the Bitcoin rate on the day of your play.
Depending on your needs, you can choose between desktop wallets, mobile wallets, web wallets, and hardware wallets. By far the most popular type of e-wallet is a hardware wallet. However, if you’d like to learn more about types of e-wallets, please refer to the Bitcoin Wallet Explained section of this blog.


The future of Bitcoin is bright, to say the least. With its increasing popularity in both the crypto and fiat currency world, Bitcoin is slowly, yet steadily, growing into the preferred currency of many. While we may not have the exact date of the Bitcoin regulatory framework getting further defined, we are positive that all cryptocurrencies and their equivalents won’t have their place in online casinos shattered in the times to come, not one bit.
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